Excel Data paste as with value

Hello Everybody,

Can I know is there have any method to get the excel data to write range (I mean copy some excel values and paste to another excel using write range ) as with value…?

Thank u

we can use excel application scope and use read range so that we will be getting a datatable
which can be passed as input to write range activity from workbook activities to write into another excel sheet

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nop I mean I already get the values but after paste values are not paste with applied formula format… is there any method to get the full value format from source excel…?

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You Can Use “copy paste range”



I need get the value from separate workbook to another workbook…?

Ya,you can use copy paste range and in properties pane there are so many options are available.As per your need you can change like value or formula etc.And also you can input your range.