Excel data issue


In StudioX, how to paste pivvot on powerpoint slide? not working with the use of ‘Add Data Table to Slide’ activity of powerpoint.

@Prinal_C - Could you please share the screenshot of your data and workflow you have tried so far??


data here.

@Prinal_C - please show us your pivot data and the steps you have tried?

You are right, we are not exposing Pivot Tables as Data Tables in the Dropdown Options. We will make this adjustment in the next release.
Until then, you have the following options:

  1. Place the Pivot Table into a new Sheet starting with cell A1 and use the whole Sheet as parameter for AddDataTableToSlide

  2. Use Advanced Editor to force the Pivot Table to be compatible with Data Tables:
    CType(Notes.Sheet(“Scratchpad”).PivotTable(“PivotTable1”), RangeValue)


  1. Copy the Pivot Table in the clipboard and Paste it in the slide

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