Excel Data Extraction and Operation

Hey all,
I need a help in extracting the age data from DataOut.xlsx (8.8 KB) excel and appending it to DataIn.xlsx (8.9 KB) excel based on the data.

The bot should check the names from DataIn excel and according to the names it should check the age in DataOut exce and those ages should be extracted and a new Age column should be created in DataIn excel sheet


AgeLookup.zip (15.6 KB)


@kadiravan_kalidoss Thank you very much

@kadiravan_kalidoss In the above xaml, the output will be created as a new sheet in excel.
But, how can the same be saved in the same sheet of excel like below…


In Write Range activity, replace the sheet name as “Sheet1”.


Thanks a lot. @kadiravan_kalidoss :grinning:

cheers…Happy Learning…!:dizzy:

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