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Hi All,

I want to put a condition after doing the data scrapping from a website as follows:

From the image how to put the condition like:
Deposit / Posting Date is column name contains or equals to (currentdate, day-1 date, day-2 date, day-3 date) in the format("MM/dd/yyy).

for example current date is: 07/12/2023
day-1 date means : 07/11/2023
day-2 date means: 07/10/2023
day-3 date means 07/09/2023)

I meant after scrapping the data using data scrapping I need to check the condtion the column
“Deposit / Posting Date” contains 07/12/2023 then I need to some action, in the same I need to find for last 3 days from current date.

Please do helpful.


Hi @Vrishchik

For current date:
For day -1:
For day-2:
For day-3:

Pass these four variables into an array and then compare.

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