Excel compare 2 files

Hi guys,
My first topic on this excellent forum full of usefull solutions.
But for this one, I’m stuck :roll_eyes:

So, here is the deal:
I have one Excel file with two columns, one column with the user ID’s and another with Incidents numbers (yes, this is for a Help Desk).
I have another Excel file with three columns: the user’s ID, their full names and their emails.
The need is to match the user ID with the email and list the opened Incidents numbers for the user…
Any thoughts ? And thanks in advance…

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have a look on the Join DataTable Activity
In case of more specific scenario we can do with LINQ

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Hi @remy2283,
You can use the Join datatable activity for the two datatables providing the correct column names and if needed you can use Remove data Column activity to remove the duplicate column (user ID) from the final datatable
Happy Coding! :slight_smile:


Excellent, guys !
Thanks Udhay and ppr, I never used this activity before, it is exactly what I needed :grinning:

Now there is the second part that could be more tricky…
I have now my list with the user ID, Incident numbers and the email.
How can I group the several Incidents numbers attributed to one user to send a mail to the user ?

This can be done with a GroupBy.

Find a demo (more showcasing as you do need, but you can extract the string concat part very easy) here:
GrouBy_Custom_Statics-Aggs.xaml (11.9 KB)