Excel-based Run Query stuck

I’m facing a problem that has been taking away my peace in the last few days…

In an automation I need to compare two tables in Excel to check differences… As both tables are large (around 1 million rows), any comparison via For Each becomes unfeasible…

To solve this problem I found a simple solution to perform a SQL query directly in this excel.

The settings were as follows:

Connection string:
“Provider=Microsoft.ACE.OLEDB.12.0; Data Source='” + File +“'; Extended Properties=‘Excel 12.0 XML;HDR=YES;ReadOnly=False’”

“select * from [JDE$] t0 left join [SBO$] t1 on t1.Curto = T0.Curto and t1.Planta = t0.Planta WHERE t0.Custo <> IIF(t1.Custo Is Null, 0, t1.Custo)”

This solution had been working very well and has been running for over a year, but since this week it has stopped working on all 3 servers where I have a robot. The worst thing is that the process doesn’t return an error, it just gets “stuck” in the “Run Query” activity and nothing happens… It’s been stuck for more than 3 days.

On my computer, in the development environment, it continues to work normally…

Has anyone faced a similar situation? Or do you know of any workarounds? (I’ve already tried using the Join Data Tables function, which I understand would have a similar effect, but due to the size of the tables, it didn’t work)



May be office update happened. Check on that.

Apparently no updates…

I thought it was something related to the query, but when I only leave the connection in the “Connect to database” activity, it gets stuck