Excel automation (VLOOKUP) with MS Excel

July 01, 2016 18:15 NONE

I’m just starting with UIpath studio and I’m facing a problem with excel automation.

My goal is to automate the creation of a column in an existing Excel file, name it and then do a VLOOKUP function down all the column (searching in a different sheet). Then I might have other actions to automate within Excel.

My problem is that when I use the “Click” module or the recording mode, I can’t click precisely on a cell: when I pass the cursor over the table, all the table goes blue as a sole clickable area. Therefore I can’t record a click on a specific cell, or duplicate a formula over a column, etc.

How can I solve this?

Thank you for your help !



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Mihai Badita July 02, 2016 20:37
Hi Andree,

A workaround would be to perform the processing in memory or by using the excel activities.

This might help: http://www.uipath.com/kb-articles/simulate-excel-vlookup-in-a-datatable

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Hi Mihai, please is datatable’s Select method supposed to work also with Strings? Because the example works fine with integers but as soon as i want to loop up string it crashes.
Thank you :wink:

Select works with all datatypes, but some of them (like dates) require specific syntax.
You can see some examples here: VB.NET DataTable Select Function - Dot Net Perls

What error message are you getting/can you post a repro xaml (or at least your condition)?

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Hi Andrzej, thank you for the link, it helped. I havent included ’ (apostrophe) so thats why it didnt work.