Excel Automation: How to flag numbers that are not in sequence?


I have a table full of numbers that are mostly in sequence (eg: 121,122,123,124).

However, there are some occasional entries that miss a number or 2(eg: 121,124,125,127). Is there any way to highlight these entries that are not in sequence in excel using UiPath?

Any help would be much appreciated! Thank you!

@h2000 Can you tell us What numbers do you want to Highlight when there’s a missing sequence ?

Hi @supermanPunch! Thank you for your reply!

I am sorry I am not able to upload an excel file here (I am new), but hopefully example below should be fine?

Therefore I need to highlight the cell containing 125 and 127 as there are missing entries in between!

Thanks so much!

@h2000 Can you check this Workflow :
HighlightMissingEntries.zip (8.0 KB)

It uses the Excel Application Scope, and it considers the Sequence Increment as 1 to detect missing Sequences. Check for all inputs and revert back if it doesn’t meet your requirements

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Yes, It Works! Thank you so so much!

Best Regards!

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