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Hi ,
I have a excel sheet ,in that using get row item am reading only first column alone ,now i need to remove few words in the first column .

For eg: T011.support means answer should be only T011 in all rows of first column .

What should to do ??

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After get row item Use assign,Str.Replace(“T011.support”,“T011”)


ref image, actually i want to fetch only values before the dot one by one to write into new excel sheet

str is string,str=yourvalue.split("."c) then your value is str(0) @vikumars

“P155.GSCSupport”.Split({"."}, StringSplitOptions.None)(0)

You didn’t say what is to be done if no.(dot) is found,

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Could you please provide me sample sequence with actions performed,so that it could be ease for me to understand

browsers.xaml (5.7 KB)
I have done for 1item,Place for each row and perform the same @vikumars

Thanks sreekanth ,let me check and come back for further assistance .


i need to read first column in the excel sheet by ignoring word coming after the dot and write it into the new excel sheet .

Please check, you can adjust the first word or last word by changing the position of Index. Also you can define Index field ("." in this case)FirstChar.xlsx (7.9 KB)
Main.xaml (12.0 KB)
output.xlsx (8.0 KB)

Thank you @pawanbag
i have few doubts

1)In the output.xlsx i need the following output:

2)Could you explain the following

StrValue.ToString.Substring(StrValue.ToString.IndexOf(".")+1,StrValue.ToString.Length - (StrValue.ToString.IndexOf(".")+1))

Hi Vinod,

StrValue - Input value from Column 1 for each row

StrValue.ToString.IndexOf(".")+1 : - This find the position of “.” (period)

StrValue.ToString.Length : It gives you length of the value of the column

StrValue.ToString.Substring: This give you substring string from first
character after “.” and remaining length

If you want first word before period, just change the formula in substring.
I will send you revised code later today.

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Use following substring to get first work before period


How to connect excel to web applications

i want to read values one by one from excel and go to application pass the value in the textbox and click any button.

Hi @vikumars,

First read the excel sheet get the data into data table.

Use for each row activity to loop through it pass the values.


Hi @pawanbag ,
Adding to that
1)i’m logging into one application -which is completed
2)downloading data in excel format-which is completed
3)reading excel sheet -which is completed

Following scenarios is not working for me
4)Now i need to read value from the excel sheet one by one and access the application and feed the values in the textbox and click the button .
(it is changing password in the application)
5)loop should be continues till reading all the values in excel sheet .

(am changing password by reading the excel values inside the application)

Hi @arivu96 ,

After using for each activity it is getting first value from excel and acess the application and follows my steps which is provided in sequence and then it throws exception …Not able to getback the second value from getrowitems

(Click ‘A Link4_3_0’ : Cannot find the UI element corresponding to this selector: )

Hi @vikumars,

Use Convert.Tostring(row("columnname"))

I think problem not the the getting value may be the selector issue in the web application