Examples in Finance/Accounting

Has anyone developed automations in Finance/Accounting domain. Please share any examples.

You’re unlikely to get specific examples here as most work will be client confidential. However, there have been thousands of processes developed in these particular areas. Do you have any particular questions?


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Thanks for your reply. I’m looking to develop a POC to showcase the
usability of UiPath in this domain. If you can direct me to any online
material/video/examples, that would be a great help.


As Richard noted, a lot of things cannot be shared - not all customers agree to be public references and even less are happy to share details.
There’s some things online though, but they’re more marketing things than anything else (albeit being actual customers).
For example from UiPath blog:

Word of advice - don’t start with PDF’s :wink: SAP is very good as a PoC system, if that’s available.

Good luck!


Hi Aparnanv,

There is an article on this on http://www.rpaai.com which might give you some ideas.

Whenever I show a new customer what a robot can do, I make it super simple and not process related.

I usually have a robot get the weather from https://weather.com/ depending on the companies stock price. If the stock is above a certain amount, it puts the weather to the Bahamas where everyone can go when they get bonuses. If it is below a certain amount, it will show the temperature wherever they are located because they are not going anywhere until it gets higher :rofl:

Giving examples like these help put the puzzle pieces together.

There’s an excellent article with use cases of rpa in finance industry. Sure it will be very usefl for you