Escaping characters through an argument

I have a problem with escaping characters when I pass it through an argument.
For example: I have variable str_Pattern = “^(\d+.)+(?=\s+)”. And when I send it to workflow through argument, in workflow I see it like this: “^(\d+\.)+(?=\s+)”.
I tried to replace text like “\” to “” and it doesn’t work.
I need help :slight_smile:


We can see these value as C# style expression in Locals panel. So, actual value in argument and/or variable is \ even though it shows like \\.

Can you try to use MesageBox etc. to show actual value of argument / variable?


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str_Pattern = “^(\d+\.)+(\?=\s+)”
and I see it like this -

If you have a look in uipath console, you can see this value.
Will this value(expression) work in RegEx Activity?

You don’t need to perform any additional actions to continue working with regular expressions.
Yoichi, thank you.

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