Error Word Replace Text Activity

Hi everyone, I need to replace a word in my word file with a lot more text and this generates an error because this activity only allows it to be replaced by 255 characters, how can I solve this?
I already saw some answers in the forum but one of them does not let me see the xaml with the example and in another answer they talk about a LONG PATH TOOL and I don’t know what that is

please share screenshot

The text is: Lorem ipsum dolor sit amet, consectetur adipiscing elit. Sed consectetur luctus bibendum. Quisque commodo lorem vitae blandit tristique. In elementum ante in ligula dapibus, in fermentum quam fermentum. Nam et posuere diam. Aenean pretium, nibh id gravida varius, justo nulla facilisis ipsum, ut faucibus ipsum felis vitae lorem. Nulla vel risus nisl. Mauris eleifend nisi eget egestas fringilla. Phasellus ac lacus justo. Duis varius libero a consequat sodales. Proin dapibus eu leo porttitor tempus. Nunc ut auctor nibh, ac luctus tortor. Aenean quis sodales sapien.

Hi Juan,

It may only be a workaround, byt maybe do this in two or more steps? First replace “strPrueba” with 1st part of your text + “strPueba”, then replace “strPueba” with 2nd part + “strPueba”, and so on?

If the text is always the same length then you can do this with a sequence of activities, if it’s variable length you’d have to loop it.

Does this help?


Thanks a lot! It would be a good solution, but how can I do to divide the text, for example, I want it to be divided into parts of 150 characters?

You can use Substring(start index, length), either staticaly:
Substring(0, 150)
Substring(150, 150)
Substring(300, 150)

or with a loop and counter:
Substring(intCounter*150, 150)


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