Error while using For each row loop



I have the same problem

Welcome @punam.dhomse
Check the image

Still the same error Method Name Expected.

Hi @KMota

Now what error you are facing


Method name expected

Can you upload your project?

I am new users I am not able to upload the file.

Can you send a screenshot of your variables


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If that file contains any column headers then pass column name instead of Column header and then check once.


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Kindly remove that assign and add a fresh assign and try once with the same because the expression we have used is perfect

And in If condition not equal to be like <>

Cheers @punam.dhomse

I tried it but still not working

What if your remove the (1)?

So its just row.tostring?

It will printed system.row

System.Data.DataRow like this message

DataFromWebsite.xaml (31.8 KB)

I uploaded the project Please check it out. I am trying to check duplicate Email validation.

I am using C# instead of VB during process creation.