Error while loading data sets in AI Center. Data sets not available anymore

Hi all,

I have a severe problem in AI Center. All created data sets are not available any more. When accessing the project in AI Center, i get the error notification “Error while dataset”, see below:

I dont have access to my data sets anymore, which is a big problem :slight_smile:

Is this a known bug, or a server issue?

Need urgent help!


This is weird

Is it in entreprise? If so raise a ticket to UiPath technical support.

could you comment on this?, @loginerror


There was some service outage in AICenter trainer service outage in Europe

You can check below for any outages or issue

Hope this may help you


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Judging that it happened on 8th October, it is most likely the cause and so I will mark this one as resolved.

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Hi all!
Thanks for feedback and support. Issue was resolved. I believe it was related to the service outage in Europe then.

Is there any possibility to create local backups from the data set in automation cloud other than manually downloading each file?