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hello every one,
is there any way make the triggers stop when i close the PC and then start again when i open the PC ?
because i am getting this massage to my email when i close my PC because the jobs queue is full

any solutions ?

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The error states that, you are trying to start the same job more than twice when the previous one is already in the queue. It is just because the process is in pending state. So, you just need to make sure not to start the same job when the previous one is in queue

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hi @HareeshMR and thanks for your respond,
i know but the problem that its a trigger and its starts the job every 15 minites.
do i need to stop and start the trigger manualy or is there a way i can make it stop when i close the PC?



May I know why are you closing the PC when process is running ?

If you shutdown the system then that robot machine will be disconnected from Orchestrator automatically and once you Turn on again then it will connect to Orchestrator and process will trigger automatically and you no need to do anything. But orchestrator will keep send mails as in between process got stopped.


Yah but we set some condition before triggering
That is if we want to trigger a process a mail must be received or a key press trigger or element trigger something like that
So that we won’t face this like getting triggered continuously
I have faced this issue while triggering a job but after setting a conditional logic based on my process I was able to handle this issue

So you must be having some logic to begin with the process based on an event or a Input
So set that as triggering logic and then set the trigger so that continuous trigger of a process won’t occur

And moreover opening and closing the system is not the feasible way to handle it and again it needs human intervention

Cheers @Abdulkader_Sandouka1


You mean just locking your machine or shutting down? If you are shutting down, @lakshman provided the details above. But if you are just locking your machine, we don’t have an option to detect whether the system is locked and the orchestrator will start the process as it is.


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