Error reading excel from onedrive folder

Hello folks,

Quick question, I am trying to use an Excel Read Activity on a excel file which is saved on a onedrive local folder. And I keep getting the error from the image:

I have already tried to kill all excel processes from the machine before reading the file but it did not fix it.

Any tip on how to manage it?

Thank you all!


Once give it a try with Workbook Read Range activity and check it.

Hi @FelipeOliveira

Based on shared path check the one drive folder is there based on path exists activity

give the if condition as BoolPath exists means go to then condition or else invalid path

ashwin S

I’ve checked for the path and it was there

ok do it for a check basis like doing the path exists

if the file exists means

use read range or else say it as an invalid path

Ashwin S

I have tried it too and got the same error code.
My best guess is the onedrive windows process is locking the file and blocking the excel/uipath API. Is that possible?


Then do one thing. First copy the file from one drive to local shared folder and then read from there.

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