Error publishing descriptors to Orchestrator


I’m still very new to UiPath and not really sure what I might be doing wrong, but I could really use some help please.

I’m trying to learn how object repository works. I’ve created a repository, I’ve extracted it and am now trying to publish it (I’m hoping I’m right so far!). My problem is when I try to publish it, I get this error:

“Error: Publish of Library project to Orchestrator failed. PackageFeed does not exist.”

I’ve checked out some online resources and videos, but they’re not helpful. Is there a setting or step I’ve missed??

Thanks :slightly_smiling_face:


The error “PackageFeed does not exist” suggests an issue with the Orchestrator feed configuration.

  1. Orchestrator Feed Setup:

    • Verify that your Orchestrator feed is correctly configured.
    • Check the Orchestrator settings in UiPath Studio to ensure the package feed exists and is accessible.
  2. Permissions:

    • Confirm that your Orchestrator account has the necessary permissions to publish packages.
    • Ensure you have the appropriate roles assigned.
  3. Package Version:

    • Ensure the package version is unique. If the package with the same version already exists, consider incrementing the version number.
  4. UiPath Studio Version:

    • Check the compatibility between your UiPath Studio version and Orchestrator instance.
  5. Logs:

    • Examine UiPath Studio logs for more details on the error. This can provide insights into the specific issue.
  6. Network and Firewall:

    • Confirm there are no network or firewall issues affecting communication between UiPath Studio and Orchestrator.


Thank you for the reply, really appreciate it!

I think I may have found the answer. On my Orchestrator Tenant Settings, under Deployment, my Libraries setting was set to ‘Only host feed’. I’ve changed this to ‘Only tenant feed’ and saved the changes. I’ve tried to publish again and it looks like it’s working…at least for now! :slight_smile:

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