Error - Nuspec File Does Not Exist In The Package

How to resolve when following error occurs- Nuspec file does not exist in the package?

The issue seems to be because of the cache stored by nuget. It may be possible one of the files or packages from the local nuget might be corrupted.

  • It is advised to clear all the nuget cache for the affected users and retry the steps.

To clear the local cache:

  1. Open Command prompt and run below command
  • Dotnet nuget locals all --clear


  1. Verify now. If the problem persists try below command
  • del %LOCALAPPDATA%\NuGet\Cache\*.nupkg



  1. Verify now. If the issue still persists
  • delete the packages saved under the .nuget folder.

This should trigger the packages to be downloaded again, and fix the issue. The .nuget folder is located under c:\users\\.nuget.

Note : After deleting the packages folder, the first run of processes triggered from Orchestrator could be slower than usual, as all dependencies will need to be downloaded again to the .nuget folder.