Error message - run task

Getting an error when running a workflow (for supplier task) Error below:
Your login has expired. Please sign out and sign in again.

I’ve done so twice but error still appearing each time I press run.
Help please!

Hi @bexstiv , Welcome to UiPath Community!
Could you please attach screen shots of your issue like as where you are getting those?

Hello all - not a solution but I am running into that error message and came across this thread while looking for answers.
I am using the activity (in StudioX), “Use Google Spreadsheet” which requires you to be logged into a gmail account. Once logged in and verified, I hit run and get the same error message as the original poster.

Any tips?


Can you please give us the logs :smiley: they are found in %localappdata%/UiPath/Logs . Also one has to ask that version of StudioX and what version of the GSuite package are you running in additon with the following bit of information, more precisely do you have anything in the following path :