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I have a problem with the jobs on Orchestrator.

I have many schedulers, they have the same hour to execute for process. If a process A is pending, and other process be execute, then appear a error message.

Are there any solution to resolve this error?

Thank you.


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cheers @Gianfranco_Drago

this is just a warning that say that you cannot have more than one of the same job in pending state, that will always happen and it is no problem…

I perfectly understand. But if two schedulers are running at the same time and the two processes are identical, they should run at different times.

this is just to prevent that you could have hundreds of the same process jobs scheduled one after the other… on the next schedule if the previous is running or ended, then the new one will appear there normally…

I did the test to see if the new one was then executed and it didn’t happen. So I have to wait for the next execution of the scheduler.

this will happen if your schedule times are faster than the process time to end…

Thank you!

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