Error: Index was outside the bounds of the array - Help

I’m working on the Client Security Hash assignment from the RPA certificate.It looks like the program runs into problems with the following line:

out_TransactionItem = dt_WorkItems(in_TransactionNumber)

dt_WorkItems looks like it contains something.

Here’s the trace of the variables:

Heres the source code: (993.2 KB)

actually that datatable is shown with 0 items inside…

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Usually this error will occur when you passed the index more than the count of array.

For ex if I’m splitting my name as character array (D A V I D) my array count is 4, Coz array starts from 0 index.

If I try to pass the index as 5 then ( The index is out of the range) error will occur.

Its applicable for datatable as well. Please check the index it should be lesser then Row Count.


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