Error in Excel: "For Each: Object reference not set to an instance of an object."

What is the solution in this kind of error? I tried to change the TypeArgument into String but it didn’t work. Thank you for the help.


Is TimeSheet variable is of type Workbook or not ?

May I know from where you are getting this value ?

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May I know what are you checking inside ForEach loop ?

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Is that TimeSheet variable mentioned in EXCEL APPLICATION SCOPE along the property WORKBOOK
Kindly check that once

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This is my Excel Application Scope.

I’m checking if the sheets between the 2 excel files are the same and find each one of them.

If you are iterating it then why u are using Timeseet , use name …as now from Timesheet.Getsheets each item is in name …

But how can I execute the for each?

As you are iterating all sheets using For Each
So for first iteration First sheet from that excel file will be assign in "name"like wise for second iteration second sheet
You can check it by using Write Line or message box inside For Each
and write name inside it


Can you show me where you have assigned the data to the TimeSheet variable you created? I see that you are using it in the for each activity, but I don’t see where you have assigned the data to it…

If you are navigating through the sheets in teh excel file, then You can to use the get workbook sheets activity inside excel application scope and assign the output of that to TimeSheet variable. Have you done that?

For Ref


It still didn’t work.

show me your excel application scope properties like i have attached above


Change the TypeArgument of For each to Object.
Send the screenshot of property panel of the Excel Application Scope.


Thank you so much for the help.


Happy Automation :partying_face:

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