Error displayed even after the i got the results

I am getting this while doing the difference b/w to columns…
and im getting the correct results.
error displayed after completion of the results.

i need help based on this.

"Source: Assign

Message: Input string was not in a correct format.

Exception Type: System.FormatException"

need help and suggestion.

im uploading the files for ref.output file.xlsx (9.7 KB)
difference.xaml (10.1 KB)

@naveen.dsn In read range activity give range as “A1:H22”.

your getting error because row 23 has null values in both columns.

Check below workflow once i did some what different way.

difference.xaml (8.6 KB)


@Manjuts90 is correct.

Here’s the value of last row where the error occurs. Your subtracting the value from high and open, but on this last row, no value was retrieved

Yes i accept… but this for one month… for ex. if i do it for another month the no. of rows increases.
and should i every time need to set the values in the read range manually to proceed.

You dont need to set the values in read range, just leave it blank and it will get all the data in the sheet.
Do you always have the average row(last row)?
I suggest to use IF activity, get the total count of rows then make a condition that the process will just go on until rowCount -1

difference.xaml (11.2 KB)

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@albert.yango … yeah Its right Or @naveen.dsn you can check the empty row or empty Array condition while you read range


yes… ill try this out… and reply back

Not getting the values in b/w in the result

What do you mean? can you provide a screenshot?

im getting confused where im getting wrong.

@naveen.dsn might be when you calculate the difference empty row also in range…make sure fixed the range for example (B2-B22) after that row is empty …might be reason of error


@naveen.dsn Sorry for the late reply. I have found the error, Its in the condition, kindly remove the .tostring. (dt1.Rows.Count > counter) This will work fine now, I didn’t test it when I give it to you because im about to go home that time :sweat_smile:

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