Error comparing rows

Premise: I’m relatively new to Uipath and I don’t have much technical skills as a programmer.

I have to compare two columns on two different sheets,
and only if all are matching, develop one flow rather than another.

Test.xlsx (15,2 KB)

This file, contain two sheets, sheet1 and sheet2.
I have to compare the “Concat2” column


Concat2 Concat SubmittedAmt
0410025295-1-11834-10270 0410025295-1-11834 10270


Concat2 Concat SubmittedAmt
0410025295-1-11834-10270 0410025295-1-11834 10270
0410025295-2-11834-23400 0410025295-2-11834 23400

This example shows that the first row is the same on both sheets, but the second row, on sheet1, for example, does not exist.
This comparison, therefore, must send the flow in KO sequence.

Only if all the lines are present and match in the contents, can they be in the OK sequence.

Can help me?

You can do that by reading each sheet into a datatable.
Sheet1 is dtTable1, Sheet2 is dtTable2.
Then make a for each row in dtTable1 and compare the rows of the Concat2 column for each of the datatable.
If you are relatively new to UiPath, I would strongly suggest that you head on to to learn more about UiPath

Hi @AaronMark

1.Create two data table variables DT1 and DT2.
2.Use for each row pass DT1 and then use another for each row activity pass DT2.
3.Use If condition compare row(“DT1ColumnName”).contais(row(“DT2ColumnName”)).

Kommi Jeevan.

HI kommijeevan,

I think I did what you say, but I’m not sure if the execution does what I want.

I inserted two WriteLines into their respective scenarios.
The output, track them both.


following this check, the bot must perform different actions.
I believe that as it is set up, the bot will try to do both.

While, given that in the file that I have attached, the two lists are different, I would like it to go only in the KO scenario.

Match.xaml (11,9 KB)
Test.xlsx (9,0 KB)

The check tells me that the first line is the same, but the second is not.
Since both sheets are not equals, then I need it go only to KO action… :expressionless:

@AaronMark please change the condition row1(0).toString.contains(row2(0).toString)