【error】Cannot set unknown member

I geted error on studio.

Cannot set unknown member.

Could you teach me what do you mean?

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Not sure… But it seems namesapce collision.

aksh1yadav san
Thank you for your reply!!

namesapce collision.?

Could you teach me how to solve this matter?

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Well i am not sure about it but lets see… others to confirm or who knows better under hood :slight_smile:

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i need more info, steps to reproduce…
what are you trying to do?

cannot error.xlsx (28.3 KB)

Gabriel san

Thank you for your reply.
I send the attachment.

Could you help me this problem?

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Thanks but what it will helps to determine the solution is the actual XAML. please share it here.

I encountered a similar problem and came here by doing an internet search.

for my case, I did my project on my pc, and to deploy it on another vm, which only has uirobot tray, and the uirobot tray doesnt automatically update your activities.

This error occured to me when my own machine’s uipath studio package manager auto update is turned on, and update one of my package, causing a version mismatch of its activities between my machine and the vm.

go to C:\Users<username>\AppData\Local\UiPath\Activities on both machines to verify the contents of both folder are the same.

If it isnt, just copy all the contents from your machine to the other machine.

Hello Sir,

I am facing the same issue since yesterday as cannot set an unknown member/‘UiPath.Core.Activities.GenerateDataTable.CSVParsing’.

I have looked at your post compared the activities of both my local machine and VM, i was missing Core activities content and as you said I copied all the content from local to production.

After doing all these it is still giving me the same error.

Please help me on Sir as my bot is failing on the production.

Appreciate your help.


i would suggest reinstalling the production environment - studio and robot
just copying core activities will not be enough as i m almost sure they are different