Error authenticating to Gmail

I’m trying to configure the “Table Data Extraction for Sales Opportunities to Google Sheets” template. When I try to connect my Gmail account I get the following error:

The connection failed to create, please close this browser tab and try again.

7535505929800989847 : Bad Request: error - {code=400, message=Precondition check failed., errors=[{message=Precondition check failed., domain=global, reason=failedPrecondition}], status=FAILED_PRECONDITION}

Connecting to Google Drive and Google Sheets went without a problem. I don’t know how to deal with this problem :thinking:

I checked and when I try again, Google says that UiPath already has permissions, but I still get an error message after clicking “Continue”


Problem solved. It turned out that the account I used did not have the Gmail service activated. After adding a Gmail address to the account, everything works fine.

Maybe this information will be useful to someone in the future :thinking:

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