ERROR: Assign: Conversion from string "16/03/2020" to type 'Date' is not valid

Hi all,

I am getting this error when i try to convert to date format.

Here is my aktivities and error:

1.datestring: rows.Item(“Date”).ToString

2.date_date: Convert.ToDateTime(datestring)



Can you try the following expression instead of Convert.ToDateTime.



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@mazlumkacar “dd/MM/yyy” give like this

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Did you ever manage to format your string to dd/mm/yyyy? I have had a nightmare today with the same issue, no matter what I try, my output is in US format MM/dd/yyyy :sob:

Hi from excel while trying to output the date it will always come in format MM/dd/yyyy

So to prevent that while reading the excel file, tick the preserve format option in read range. it will preseve as in excel file while outputing


Nived N

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Hi @ZoeW ,

You can try this…

Assign ACtivity

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