Error after publication of library with multiple BAPIs


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For a process i used the UiPath.SAP.BAPI.Activities v2.2.5 and the SAP Application Scope and Invoke SAP BAPI activities.
Goal is to use these BAPIs:

    Now if you enter the correct data everything works fine. Next step is to publish it as a library where you pass the arguments.
    After custom publication and dragging in the activity this error pops up (this message basically repeats a few times for the other BAPIs):
    The private implementation of activity ‘1.2.: SAP_Q-not_Partner_single_SAPApplicationScope’ has the following validation error: The activitiy ‘RFC_READ_TABLE’ cannot reference activitiy ‘VisualBasicReference’ because activity ‘VisualBasicReference’ is already referenced elsewhere in the workflow and that reference is not visible to activity ‘RFC_Read_Table’. In order for activity ‘VisualBasicReference’ to be visible to activity ‘RFC_Read_Table’, it would have to be a child or imported child (but not an implementation child) of activity ‘SAP_Q-not_Partner_single_SAPApplicationScope’.

This message also pops up when you create a test library with just BAPI_QUALNOT_MODIFY_DATA and BAPI_QUALNOT_SAVE.
It worked fine before publishing and had no validation error or similar.
Any ideas for solution are more than welcome.

Quan Nguyen

Hi Stefan (@alpaca )

Do you have any idea, what can be the issue here?

Thanks, Lev

Nope, no idea

HI @gabi_verzea

You have played a lot around SAP BAPI, have you seen something similar, what @QuanNguyen is describing?

Thanks, Lev

No, sorry. I did not run into this error so far.

Hi @StefanSchnell

Do you have any experience here? Sound like very uncommon problem…

Thanks, Lev


Hello Lev,
no idea, the problem has never occurred and I cannot reproduce it.
Best regards