Error Adding data to custom fields in Jira cloud

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I’m attempting to create an issue from a UiPath bot to Jira. I’ve created custom fields on the Jira issue page. However, when I pass input details into the custom field using the activity, I encounter difficulties and am unable to populate the field with data. Any guidance on this matter would be greatly appreciated.

Attaching the screenshots for your reference

  1. UiPath Activity - Yellow highlighted is custom field

  2. Error Message:
    Create Issue: Bad Request - Often due to a missing request parameter
    RequestId: 65f9cd64e4b04cc67ec90782
    ProviderMessage: errorMessages - , errors - {requirementId_Customfield10151=Field ‘requirementId_Customfield10151’ cannot be set. It is not on the appropriate screen, or unknown.}

  3. Jira Issue Page

  4. Package Used:

jira #CustomField Integration Service



Check if the user you are trying to use in UiPath is having edit permissions and have required level of access


@Anil_G . Thanks for your response. yes the user do have an access to create issue in jira. If i try to create issue without passing any inputs in customs fields, i’m able to create issue in jira.



Check this troubleshoot guide…there is a create issue session…and cross validate


@Anil_G - Thanks for the document shared, Will see through this.

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