Equivalent for Element Exists Activity

Is there any standard activity equivalent to element exists, that we can use in mainframe emulator to check whether that particular text exists or not( should give false if the text does not exists ). Thanks in advance!

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Follow this steps:

Establish a connection to the mainframe application using the terminal emulator.

Use scripting or automation commands to navigate to the screen or menu where you want to check for the presence of specific text.

Send the appropriate key sequences or commands to search for the text you’re interested in. This might involve using screen scraping techniques or specific commands recognized by the mainframe application.

Capture the output from the mainframe emulator and examine it to determine whether the text you’re looking for is present.

Depending on whether the text exists or not, you can script further actions, such as data entry, navigation, or reporting.



You can use Check App State activity

Given the activities: Activities - About the Terminal Activities Package - https://docs.uipath.com/

I would suggest using either Wait Screen Text / Wait Field Text, or Get Text combined with an If.

There is no directly element exist in terminal package
You can either use other terminal activity as below or use Computer vision activities like CV ELEMENT EXISTS activity

You can use two terminal activities here based on the scenario

1… If you want to find the text then use Find text and validate based on it


  1. If you want to wait for a text to appear then use this WAIT FOR TEXT


Waits for a specified amount of time for a string to appear in a specified form field. The form field is designated by using screen coordinates.

Hope this helps

Cheers @Dinesh_dine

in Addition to:

When a check cannot be done at the field level as a last resort we can do:

  • Get Text (getting the full screen text) & Regex.isMatch / using the contains from String Class
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