Enterprise용 on premise Orchestrator 및 Studio 패치 적용방법 문의드립니다

Enterprise용 on premise Orchestrator 20.4.2 → 20.10.x
UiPath studio 20.4.3 → 20.10.14 로 패치 방법 문의드립니다.

또한 해당 패치할 파일 Release를 어디서 다운받는지도 문의드립니다.


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As you are an enterprise customer please try raising a request to technical team to get the requested msi files for older versions as needed

Also you can try checking the help on right top of orchestrator and check the product downlods option to see if it has the required msi files

Hope this helps


thanks for your awesome answer.
Let’s run that answer. thank you

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