Encrypting an entire folder

Hi ,
I have a folder that i want to encrypt and create a password for that encrypted folder.i tried using encrypt activity in uipath but by using that only files are possible to encryt .i want to encrypt an entire folder and a secure it with password.Is there any method for doing this?

Hi @amruta_George ,

Have you tried compressing the folder into a zip file and then applying the encrypt activity to it ?

Hello @amruta_George
Below is one approach for this.


I tried doing that but its not working

@amruta_George ,

Could you let us know what was not working/error faced and maybe also provide us with the Activity/Packages used for this task.

Hi @amruta_George
please watch this video.

Please use balareva Zip/unzip custom activity

I did this and is working fine but i want to encrypt those files and secure it with password

@amruta_George ,

Do you want to encrypt/Password protect all the files present in the folder or only the Folder containing the files ?

only the folder.not the files

@amruta_George ,

The Compress/Zip Files Activity with Password did work for me :

I do get the prompt to input the password.

Let us know if you have done the same and not able to lock the zipped file.

another method with Start Process.

yes it is working for me

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@amruta_George Are you not able to protect folder?

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