Enabling SSL on cloud


When I installed a UiPath Orchestrator on-premise, I have setup a self-signed SSL and it worked fine (please see attached for how I set it up - HowToCreateSSLCertificateWithIIS.xlsx (1.7 MB) ).

Now, I have started to use cloud (platform.uipath.com), and it seems like there is no SSL enabled - I can connect from external system thru API without using keystore. How can I enable SSL on cloud? Also, how can I get a *.cer file or *.pfx file from cloud?


Hi @kensho76,
If you want to use API for orchestrator I think this might be helpful for you:


My question seems to be misunderstood. I can use API. I am trying to setup SSL to use https and disable http on cloud.

With on-premise, I created a self-signed certificate on IIS and exported a *.pfx file from Windows console. My question is how to do this on cloud.


I’m not sure if I understand you correctly but the cloud orchestrator is already running on HTTPS (SSL). Even if you will try to connect to platform.uipath.com with http you will be redirected to https. Eventually can you show the screenshot of how you are accessing the orchestrator and where is the problem?

Hi Pablito,

I am also facing similar issue while triggering the API from SAP ABAP. Earlier i was trying to do this from javascript and i was getting the response and also with postman it was working fine,

But, now we have a different scenario to do as in i have to trigger the API request from SAP ABAP (HTTPS Method in SAP). And it is giving me some error as SSL Handshaking failed and something as ‘SSSLERR_PEER_CERT_EXPIRED’. So, is there any certificate we can get from cloud orchestrator to be installed in SAP system to make it hit the API.

Am attaching the screenshots for your reference.

img1 img2