Empty Out of the Box Packages

From the instructions:
“Due to the fact that some of the out-of-the-box packages are quite large and adding them to your account can fail due to connectivity issues, AI Center runs a periodic job that will synchronize the out-of-the-box packages of your account. If you do not have all the ones listed here, don’t worry. The recurring synchronization job ensures that eventually your account will have all the models.”

I do not want to wait. How to manually trigger and monitor the synchronization process.
AI Center deployed as Online installation on Centos7.

Partial solution:
Boxes were empty because of proxy.
kubectl set env cronjob/oobscheduler HTTP_PROXY=$http_proxy
kubectl set env cronjob/oobscheduler HTTPS_PROXY=$https_proxy
kubectl set env cronjob/oobscheduler NO_PROXY=$no_proxy

did the thing