Email read

Using outlook mail message…how to read only 1st 10 emails out of 100 emails and 2nd time it should read 10 more emails out of 100 emails?3rd time 10 more emails… so on

May I know how to do that ?


Assign 10 to Top field in properties of that Get Outlook MailMessage Activity and also check Mark as read for those mails. Then it will process 10 mails for each run.

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IF there are 100 emails, how to do it? With single run it should process 10, 10,10…so…on

Do I need to take emails into any loop or how ?


Assume you have 100 unread mails in your outlook account. Here, we set 10 to Top field in Get Outlook MailMessage Activity and also check MarkasRead and Unread Mails fields in properties.

In first run, it will read top 10 mails from account and will process it and also will mark as read because we checked Mark as read field. And in next run it will process next 10 mails by skip first 10 mails as it already processed. Here, we are processing only unread mails only. Like this it will continue till all mails processed in that mail box.

Do you have any work flow, if so, can you attach.

Do I need to keep Get Outlook MailMessage Activity in the loop(while loop) or how can we do.

I am facing out of memory error ? What might me issue for this ?