Email Lookup

I have created a BOT to search Google for emails. Now that i have the email list, can i use the email list to first confirm each email is valid? Then use the verified email to find the name associated to the account?

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Hey Aaron,

1> Validate Email: what approach is there in your mind to validate emails? can you brief me? will work on that
is you want to validate like
if yes then use regex to validate,
2>Get Sender Name: and for sender name use below link:



Hi Aditya,

I have seen where people will validate the DNS MX Record to confirm a valid email address.

Can you offer ideas to automate the whole process? So I don’t have to run a function to pull out the emails?

Here is the process:

  • Have Bot search google for " Niche “, “Location”, "

  • Google will return the search list and save to computer

  • A excel file is saved to computer drive.

  • I have to run a function to extract emails

  • Next I want to verify emails are valid

  • once all emails valid, find the first and last name

Thanks Much,

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Hi Aditya,
Regarding the name associated to the email, it would need to be completed another way other than Get mailMessage.Sender, i believe. The Get mailMessage.Sender is based upon the RPA reading the email. My question relates to a list of emails. How can we locate the first and last name associated to each email in the list?