Email Incoming Check

I want to run Two workflows one after another. The transitions between These two workflows are 3 Separate Emails. Can anyone guide me How to make sure that transition is not done until these 3 mails are received. it takes upto 30 min till mails are recieved

Hi @Ripusudan_Sharma

If I understand correctly you want to check whether the mails were delivered before you run your 2nd workflow?

Then you can get collection of mail message objects from your outbox and see whether there are any mails left to be delivered. if the count is ‘0’ then you are good to go with your 2nd workflow.

You can even go a step ahead (if you have access to the account of the recipient) and check whether the mail has arrived int he inbox (although I wouldnt recommend it and it would be infeasible if you are sending that mail to many recepients)

The best that can be done is the outbox check (also have enough timeout if very large attachments are being attached)

Hi @Raghavendraprasad,
According to my proceess we request from some files at a online portal.
So we recieved these mails from different portals. and problem is that there are other mails in Inbox too. So it would be good if you can provide logic on how to wait untill particular mail with subject arrives


Maybe I didnt understand your requirement correctly. Referring to your previous query (the first question) you wanted to send mails between two workflows and wait until it gets delivered, am I right?

No, Mails are automated reply from online portal where we requested it in first Workflow. I need bot to wait till those mails arrive and then begin the 2 workflow.

Then you can retrieve the mails (using get mail messages activity) and use a query to filter according to your specification/requirement (filter by time/subject/body/keyword etc) and if any of your requirements match for a particular mail message object that is received then you are good to go with your 2nd workflow…