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Hello i need some brilliant brains here. I want to loop trough my mail box and based on the subject of the mail ( subject: hello) i want to download the pdf attachment in that mail and save it to my folder. Only problem its that i also want to “split” the pdf list. In other words. The mail contains a huge list of 50-100 pdf files in one file. I want to drag this pdf files out of that one pdf list and “split” them up into individuals then save them in a folder with a name 1-1000 so they dont overwrite eachother. I have made all this functions before but this time i want it to be performed in a invoke code and everything done in one code frequence in either c-sharp or vbnet

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Hi @langsem,

Use Extract PDF range Activity to extract range of pages, you can use for each row and counter to runtime extraction of pages and naming a file.

Thanks You
Shubham Pratap

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like i mentioned above i have already done this with activitys, but want to know how to do it with invoke code in csharp so i can do it all with one code