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Hello Community,

Ive got a task to interact with a local Lotus Notes Client, as far as I know there are some Issues doing this as there is no Activity for it and UI Automation isnt that persistent.

So I try to build an Activity by myself using .Net, C# and VB. I already got it to build an Activity by myself inside Visual Studio.

What Librarys do I have to assign? I was looking for Lotus Notes Object but I cant find em in Visual Studio so now Im on to OLE Library. As I find OLE Librarys, is this possible?

Its less Coding Im looking for than the basic modules that I need to realize this. Can you give me ideas n hints, pls?

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Hello @J_D,
You can follow by this pinned post:

Then mark your UiPath.Mail.Activities and check the Include Prerelease. After that you can choose the latest beta package click Update and then Save.

After all these steps done you will be able to use Lotus Notes activities:
Hope that this will help you :wink:


Thank you @Pablito
I was going to ask about this too, I saw that there are lotus activities in the release notes for 19.4 beta but I searched for it and didn’t find it.

but I have a question though ,are these activities will be out of the beta as soon as 19.5 beta come out next month?

Thank you again. :slight_smile:

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Those activities should be available in stable version with 2019.4 release. You are very welcome :slight_smile:


Hey, thx very much, this will save mucho works for me :slight_smile: . Got it and added to Activities.



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