Email Attachments issue

I have to save Email attachments ( conditioned ) from Emails .
Condition is - specified type of files ( .xml and .xlsx) that are REALY attached files.
More over - i have to process emails that contains ONLY conditioned files.
Sometimes i have imgxxx.jpg or ****XXX.png files that are part of message ( icons for facebook, logo of company ect). And UiPath activities consider this “images” as attachments.

These files make me confused. Because following my algorithm i have not process these emails ( because they have unknown attachments .

QUESTION. How i can know if email attachments are part of email body ?

Pictures are example of this mail in OUTLOOK and attachments what robot gives.


Thank you in advance

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Did this thread help you resolve this issue

Cheers @Maryna_Shubna

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Hi @Maryna_Shubna save all attachments to a folder and then filter the files endswith .xml or .xlsx and delete the rest files ending with .jpg or .png

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that is not an ISSUE , unfortunately.
I have to decide if EMAIL good is ! and it is good only if sender attached only specified files .
Sender can send inconscient email with template.
I have to analyse if “ALIENS” are graphical template files, or something else,
If “something else” - than i let the email in mailbox for USERS controle

You can use this function,
“item.Attachments.Where(Function(x) x.Name.Contains(”.xlsx")).Count >0"
To see which type of files are present…
It will give Boolean output…


Thank you ! But i know which kind of files are presented. I dont know if the files are signature attachments ( in body of letter). :roll_eyes:

This link may help you,

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Thank you! I have read this topic, and downloaded workflow to watch.
I can save attachments with filter in “Save attachments” activity without these graphics . The problem is : imagine that img or png :slight_smile: is a picture of order or bill attached to email not accidently .
Of with other words : is these images are signature images or not?