Edit outlook message body

Hi Community,
In Outlook 365 user interface there is option to edit incoming email body.

Is it possible to achieve the same through UIPath activities, without interaction with User Interface. I found activity in alphabet.activities to edit message subject, but I need to edit body.

I am planning to build the robot which will process incoming emails, query the database and add additional info in incoming emails body (to make service desk live easier).

Thank you in advance

Hello @origami_ns,

I have not tried this yet.
But I have used invoke code activity for replying to an email - which was earlier not available as activity in UiPath.

This is the link that you can refer for understanding how to use vba for any outlook activity.
Note- You can try refering the below link for editing the mail body-

Thanks & Regards,
Lipika Porey

This link may help you,

Thank you Lipika,
That sounds like a solution, I will give it a try.


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