Dynamically updates all cases on a platform

I am very new to this. My requirement is that Robot should log into a salesforce platform > go to cases tab > pick up all the open cases and update their status to “Working”. The cases are created beforehand in salesforce. I am able to update a few cases using Recording -Web feature, but not able to update all cases. Any other options to do this automation?


Recording works in a similar way to recording in Excel. It records the exact steps that you take and the selectors may include things like names and other data specific to certain cases. As a result simply using the recorder to create a process is not the best way to proceed. You will need to utilize the other activities to create dynamic selectors, loops and checks to ensure that your process works for all cases. All of the activities that you see after a recording are available in an individual context in the Activities panel on the left hand side.


And don’t forget to pass through the training materials on Recording and UiAutomation.

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Hi all i have normal application till now… now required to work on salesforce where in case number will be read from excel and searched in salesforce … update comments … save and close fail to do the same … any helpful link