Dynamic variable assignment

I am trying to read the column values in a sap table. I placed this activity in a loop and incremented the counter variable. but I am always getting the first row value. please help any one in this. Thank you.

You are reading the column values so column counter is dynamic I take it.

If you want to cycle down through the rows, you’ll also need to have a similar dynamic variable for that?

I am getting always first row data.

  1. If you hard code in the row number there, can you get it to return the second row rather than the first?

  2. If so, there is no issue with your selector but the dynamic variable. Either it is not incrementing correctly or it is not being applied to the selector as expected.

You can troubleshoot that by outputting the selector at the point of use, then comparing it to the hard coded version you know works in Step 1.

Thank you. I found a way. I copied the selector into a variable and assigned that variable into selector it is working fine now.