Dynamic email automation Year and Quarter

Hi I have created body of the email in excel and the name and company is changing dynamically. However not sure how to change dynamic year and quarter as that needs to change based on the Quarter period. I have already crated variable for Quarter and for the year and I am able to change subject based on that but not sure how to do it in the Body. For example I need to have dynamic this part as it needs to change based on the Q and Year.
• Q3’20 YTD P&L
• Q3’21 P&L
• Q3’21 YTD Budget P&L
• Budget FY2021
• Q3’21 Balance Sheet
Thank you for your advice.

You can put a tag in Mail Body, that will be replaced with target value.
in_MailBody = “It is {Quarter}”
MailBody = in_MailBody.replace("{Qarter}",str_quarter)


Another solution:
In the latest Mail activites package, there is Create HTML content activity (or Send Email actitivty), and write it as the following.


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Thank you, however not sure if I understand correctly. Need to have a look at it and will come back to you. thank you.

Sorry but I did not get it could you please be more specific what I need to do? Thank you for your help.

finally I got your points. Thank you.

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