Dynamic Datatable Creation

Dear Friends,
Iam very new to UI Path. In my office they gave a requirement.
They will give input as a years (number of years). Based on that user will give number of reports.
For example: 4 years means, input as 4 reports for 4 years (same columns with different data). I need to create dynamic data tables based on the year (4 data table as per the year input) and then I need to merge the “n” number of data tables (4 data table into 1 data table) one data table. Please give your suggestions.

Do each datatable has 4 column before merging?

You could use List(of Datatable) to store your “n” datatables.


A simple example
ListOfDatatable.xaml (11.2 KB)


Thank You for your suggestions. I will try in my Project and then I will post the result.

n number of columns, but 4 data table having same columns with header