Dynamic changing files in a Folder

I am working on a Project where I need to work on the files inside a SOURCE Folder. After the work is done with the files, I move them into a different DESTINATION folder.

The SOURCE Folder is constantly (frequency of few minutes )getting new files at which I need to process the flow, I have decided not to use Queues.

Can anyone tell me how should I begin with, since I am confused about my Architecture?

If files are expected every few minutes, you can have your robot (scheduled) to go look for files every like 5 minutes and it would process only one file at a time…

I am new to Ui Path, can you please help me how can my scheduler look for files ?

You canc reate a variable of type String Array like varFiles and assign like this:
varFiles = Directory.GetFiles("c:\myfolder")
This will return any files in your source, the you can loop through them using a For Each activity.

Directory.GetFiles(Path) will give you list of files available in the folder.

If count >0 , process the flow or wait for 5 or 10 mins for next run . retry it three times and exit the flow if there is no file appearing for continuous 15 or 30 mins ( which can be configured)

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