Dyamic Input in UiPath Form

Hi ,
I am building uipath form which has a text field- textField1 whose value come from a variable - variable_A.
The form also have a button which has property of not closing the form on click.
After Clicking the button a uipath code is executed which changes the value of that variable. I want now to display the changed value of variable_A in same text field- textField1 .
But this is not working.

Thanks in Advance.

Thank You
Shubham Pratap

I am facing the same problem. And it seems when the field has been created it can not change any more.

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The variable_A in the FromFieldsCollections should be in/out.

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Hi @liuweiran,

I too figured it out , that it should be in/out type.

Thank You,
Shubham Pratap