Duplicate Excel sheets gets created

I have an Excel File in which I have 10 sheets, When I write a cell in Each sheet then a single duplicate sheet gets created. Every time when I run the process the same sheet gets created with an empty value so now I have two sheets with the same name. I am using an Excel application scope and inside two write cell activities.

Hi @istiyak ,

Sheet name cannot be same in one excel.
Check once the sheet name that your passing to write cell is similar to sheet already exist in your file.

If the sheet name you are passing for excel is not present then it will create it.

This is how excel app activity works.

07.09.21 Wire - Created by Bot
07.09.21 Wire - Already Exist in sheet

Logs can be written wrongly also, please share the screenshot of xaml to figure out how the condition is written as

I have added Each row of the sheet in the queue along with sheet name and getting the sheet name from each queue item

Can you try to print sheet name you are passing and sheet name already exist just to test this?

This will help you to identify what is present and what is created.

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