Duplicate columns in excel

I have many duplicate columns in excel sheet. how to rename the duplicate columns.

Price, Total, Price, total, amount, fixedprice, amount.

Rename as

Price, Total, Price1, Total1, amount, fixedprice, amount1,


Is the column position is fixed in your table ?

If it is,
Then suppose for Price - Column position is 2.
dt_Table.Column(2).ColumnName = “Price1”.

Similarly you can do for others .

Hope this helps you.

Thanks and regards
Sahil Garg

Have a look here:
FixDuplicatedColNames.xaml (9.7 KB)

  • processing datatable’s first row
  • Applying Propercase to the found values
  • Removes spaces between word tokens
  • adds a counter if generated column names occurs more often then 1 time
  • renames datatable column names with generated new Column names
  • removes datatable’ first row

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