DU AddressSelection

Hi Team,
I am trying to extract the address I have given the custom area for these fields but not getting desired output.

Can anyone help me how to extract the address and I used address type I am getting address 2 and all I dont need that


I have to do in Du using form extractor

Hello @Gayathri_Mk

fullAddress = GetTextActivityOutput // Replace with your actual Get Text activity output
address1StartIndex = fullAddress.IndexOf(“Address 1”)
address2StartIndex = fullAddress.IndexOf(“Address 2”)
ExtractedAddress = fullAddress.Substring(address1StartIndex, address2StartIndex - address1StartIndex).Trim

Thanks & Cheers!!!

Hi @Gayathri_Mk

You put the type as string and select the whole box of that address not where the text it ended
Try with this

I tried but not getting desired output


Try with different OCRs

That also I did

I am getting address line 1
address line2 and all I dont want this actually


Then for the Address you will have to use Regex Extractor